La Macaza

Construction of a drinking water plant at La Macaza Institution (Correctional Service Canada) Government of Canada

Challenges identified

Installation of two (2) new water intakes at a depth of ± 40 feet. Restricted work with prison security, inside a penitentiary.


Upgrading and increasing the treatment capacity of the wastewater treatment plant and overflow works for the city of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts.

Challenges Met

Treatment capacity: 27,700 m³/d.

First advanced secondary treatment of wastewater flow settling.

City of Mirabel

Rehabilitation/increase in capacity of the Victor pumping station.

Challenges Met

Installation of a pumping station with a cage and a filtering tip.

Demolition of 60 MPA of concrete in a confined space over 35 feet deep.

Atwater Plant

Bringing the Atwater plant up to standard.

Challenges Met

Handling and various works on a 1,200 mm Ø pipe in a restricted area.

Olympic Park (Montreal)

Montreal Olympic Park Sports Center (Olympic Stadium)

Challenges Met

Rehabilitation of the Olympic Stadium’s aquatic basins.


Upgrading of the La Prairie wastewater treatment plant.

Challenges Met

First wastewater disinfection system using ozone in Quebec.

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