Industrial sector

Industrial maintenance
Planned shutdown
Year of realization: 2006 to 2016
Location: Danone plant
Value of work: $3,500,000

Challenges Met

Work completed ahead of schedule, with no downtime on existing production.


Description of the Project

Carry out mechanical process work:

  • Expansion of the plant for a new production.
  • Underground drainage in CPVC sch-80 with catch basin.
  • 12” x 12” stainless steel floor drains.
  • Black steel sch-40 steam network.
  • Black steel sch-80 condensate network.
  • Cold and hot water network in purge welding stainless steel.
  • Compressed air network.
  • 3” Ø water inlet with anti back-flow device.
  • Installation of production equipment and assistance during start-up.
  • Purge welding, sanitary, high pressure.

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