Metallurgy Sector

Annual maintenance
Emergency stop 24/24
Year of completion: 2014 to 2017
Location: Salaberry-de-Valleyfield
Value of work: $2 million contract / $1 million annual planned shutdown

Challenges Met

Carry out the work within the agreed upon schedule and quickly react to the unexpected need for additional work (that had not been considered beforehand) without adding men for labour. The experience and resourcefulness of the employees involved led to the success of this planned shutdown. The person in charge of the CNESST held two safety meetings daily throughout the shutdown, in order to prevent work-related accidents.


Project Description

Carry out safe annual planned maintenance work:

  • Work on the chain conveyor (Drag Chain).
  • Welding work on the Ball Mill.
  • Welding work on the Rotary Cooler.
  • Replacement and repair of calcine pumps.
  • Work on the acid plant, replacement of pumps, repair of the high concentration acid line.
  • Work on the steam line at 600 lbs, replacement of valves, safety valves, conduit, etc.
  • Work on weak acid line, repair, conduits, CPVC, PVC and FRP components.
  • Mechanical work on centrifugal, column, peristaltic and progressive cavity pumps (Moyno).
  • Cleaning and replacement of PVC and FRP pipes from 8″ Ø to 48″ Ø.
  • Repair work on steel structure (CWB | CSA W47.1).
  • Welding repair work on steam boiler.
  • Laser alignment of pump, gearbox and motor.
  • High pressure welding on mild and stainless steel.
  • Installation of a new plate heat exchanger and piping.

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